The Winnipegosis Historical Society

The Winnipegosis Historical Society Inc. (WHS) is a non-profit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors (10 members). WHS operates the Winnipegosis Museum and the Medd House.

Mission: The Winnipegosis Historical Society Inc. has been created to collect, preserve, study and interpret the human and natural history of Winnipegosis, the RM of Mossey River and areas for the greater public good and use of future generations. To do this the WHS will endeavor to collect artifacts that relate the story of the development of Winnipegosis, the RM of Mossey River and surrounding area. The collections will reflect the lifestyles of the early Aboriginal People and later settlers as well as preserve the tools, clothing and documentation of the varied occupations of the people of this area. The collections will be used for public display and education, as well as contain archival collections for study.

Vision: Our vision is that the Winnipegosis Historical Society creates vibrant centers of knowledge about the history of Winnipegosis and area.

   Respect for individual and community diversity
   Integrity of research and communications
   Openness to new ideas and knowledge exchange
   Inclusiveness (to engage the public in meaningful dialogue)
   Responsible stewardship (public trust)
   Commitment to social responsibility
   Respect for our environment
   Prudent management and use of our institutional assets

The WHS raises money to operate, conserve and maintain artifacts, as well as to maintain the museum building, including renovations and improvements. The WHS Board of Directors is responsible for the development and implementation of a long term plan for the future preservation of historical artifacts and buildings in Winnipegosis and its surrounding area.