UPDATE: June 6, 2012 -- Building Successfully Lifted!

The building has been successfully lifted and is now standing proudly in the air. The lifting of the building caused minor damage to the inside walls and the roof. We were anticipating damage to occur when the building was lifted and are pleased that it is minimal. The process of lifting has straightened out the whole structure. The contractor is now in the process of replacing and mending the beams and joists. Due to the extensive damage, caused over many years, this is a slow process. Many residents have commented that they don't think they have ever seen the building level before.

The next step will be the construction of a new foundation, which will be built under the building. The original plan was to build the foundation further east on the site and move the building on to it. The contractor has now determined that the building can stay in the same location. When the foundation has been completed, the building will be lowered onto the new foundation.

Despite some rainy weather, that stopped work for a few days, "Phase 1" of the project is on schedule to be completed by early July. Stayed tuned for more updates and photographs.

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