UPDATE: July 1, 2012 -- Report to the Community

There has been lots of activity at the Winnipegosis Museum site in 2012. First, the building was prepared for the lifting; the chimmeys were taken off and capped; and the stucco was removed along with the eave troughs and down pipes. In early May, Minty's Mover started the work of lifting the building; replacing beams and joists; laying a foundation; and setting the building on the new foundation. At the onset of the project, it had been determined that the foundation was to be built in front of the existing site location. Minty's determined that it would be better to build the foundation on the original site.

The Winnipegosis Station did not have a foundation --- the building was sitting on railway ties. All these rotton ties were removed and replaced by a concrete foundation with sump holes. During the last week of June, the building was set on the foundation and the site is now being cleaned. The project has been inspected twice and we are waiting for the final inspection, before we sign off on the completion of this phase of the project.

Following inspection of the building and sign-off on Phase I, we will begin work on remaining phases of the project. The Winnipegosis Historical Society (WHS)will determine what work has to be done and will then get estimates for the remaining work. We will have to apply for more government grants, but this can not be done until December 2012. If we are successful, the grant money would not be avai able until the Spring of 2013. We are now sending out letters to request donations for the remaining phases of this community project, and are currently collecting donations. We will be holding fundraisers throughout the year. At this time, until we have received estimates for the remaining phases, we do not know how much the costs will be.

It is imperative that we do the work as soon as possible. Of highest priority are installing the eaves troughs, checking and repairing the roof and building a new boardwalk. We are also seeking donations from lumber companies towards building the new board walk.

The Museum Board, Governments, businesses, past and current residents of Winnipegosis and surrounding area have been very supportive and generous. But now we are calling on you again to consider donating towards the completion of this project. We would also appreciate volunteer labour and supplies. If you can volunteer, call Pauline at 204-656-4273. We anticipate that all the work can be completed before our Centennial Celebrations in 2015.

When the Museum is re-opened we will be erecting a permanent plaque inside the Museum, including the names of all donors, in the following catogories:

Parkland Donors --- [donations $2,500 and over]

Lake Winnipegosis Supporters ---[donations from $500 to $2,499]

Mossey River Friends --- [donation from $50 to $499]

All donations over $20 will receive a tax-deducible receipt.

Please make all cheques payable to "Winnipegosis Historical Society" and send donations to

Winnipegosis Historical Society Inc.
P.O Box 336
Winnipegosis, MB R0L 2G0

If you require further information please contact Pauline Riley

Phone: 204-656-4273, or
Email: contact Pauline by email.