UPDATE: August 13, 2012 -- Report to the Community

In May 2012, we started the work on Phase 1 of the project. The 1897 Railway Station has been lifted and the joists and cross beams have been replaced. The new foundation has been completed and the building placed on the new foundation. Phase 1 was completed in early July.

We are now ready to begin Phase 2, which will repair the exterior of the building. This includes minor roof repairs, 3 support beams, renewal, repair, painting windows and doors, renewing all eave troughs and down pipes, installing new facia boards, parging thefoundation, installing ventilation covers, installing paper, wire and stucco over the entire building, backfilling around the foundation, dealing with drainage issues around the site, replacing wooden trim and building a new board walk with ramp. The total cost for Phase 2 is estimated at $80,000. The Winnipegosis Historical Society has applied to the Government of Canada Infrastructure Community Fund for help with this project. If our application is successful, we will receive up to 50% of the Phase 2 cost.

The Winnipegosis Historical Society urgently needs to raise $40,000 towards this phase. It is imperative that we complete some of the exterior work in September and early October 2012. The stucco can be applied in the Spring of 2013. The more money we can raise now the more work we will be able to complete before the snow flies.

Lastly, Phase 3 will complete the interior, plastering, painting, baseboards, electrical and sump pumps. We will being seeking quotes for this work later this fall. The Winnipegosis Historical Society will apply to Community Places (a community assistance fund) for part of this money, but we will have to raise the rest of the funding ourselves.

We will post updates, as work on this project continues. The following photographs were taken for this report to show you what the building looks like at this time.

When the Museum is re-opened we will be erecting a permanent plaque inside the Museum, including the names of all donors, in the following catogories:

Parkland Donors --- [donations $2,500 and over]

Lake Winnipegosis Supporters ---[donations from $500 to $2,499]

Mossey River Friends --- [donation from $50 to $499]

All donations over $20 will receive a tax-deducible receipt.

Please make all cheques payable to "Winnipegosis Historical Society" and send donations to

Winnipegosis Historical Society Inc.
P.O Box 336
Winnipegosis, MB R0L 2G0

If you require further information please contact Pauline Riley

Phone: 204-656-4273, or
Email: contact Pauline by email.